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by Jack sssen
Created 12 Jul, 2022 | US
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The Gubelin laboratory,the world's number one in the field of colored gemstone identification,is defrauding consumers without any risk by bribing law enforcement officials. If there is a kind of business,there are huge profits when it succeeds, and there is no loss when it fails. This kind of business is sure to attract a large number of people to actively participate. Many of the gems are worth tens of millions of dollars, and if the scam is successful,Gubelin will make huge profits. even if Gulelin's counterfeiting is discovered, Gubelin has nothing to lose as long as it it protected by local law enforcenent officers.
Therefore,if the crime cost of Gubelin Lab is not increased, jewelry consumers and small and mediu jewelry dealers will definitely become lambs to be slaughtered. it is impossible to form an effective constraint o gem appraisal institutions only by consciously abiding by ethical standards. So I'm going to hire alawyer to sue Gubelin,and the law enforcement. officers who protect Gubelin. Even if the lawsuit fails, it will certainly increase the cost of crime in Gubelin. In this way, when Gubelin intends to kill the next victim, there will be some scruples. If Gubelin takes a hit, it could also act as a deterrent to other gem appraisal agencies that deliberately deceive conssumers.
But Gubelin is a Tyrannosaurus rex, and I'm just alittle white rabbit, and along lawsuit requires alot of energy and money. So I implore you to donate to me so I can hire good lawyers to prosecute them to increase the cost of their crimes. You can even donate as little as $0.1, as long as you are willing to speak up, you can scare the bad guys and make the bad guys have scruples then they do the next bad thing.
Remember Martin Luther King's famous quote:" The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty of the bad guys, but the silence of the good guys baout it."
Please check out this link for details on how Gubelin scammed consumers:
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