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Created 26 Jun, 2013 | Cyprus
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A social project initiated by OTICHEF to help families, family businesses to keep the culinary heritage, to assist young chefs, and help people in need locally in Cyprus by organizing various charity events.
OTICHEF is a subsidiary of OTI and was established for young Chefs. We aim to increase the awareness of the culinary arts and heritage through a variety of activities on a local and international level. Through continuous education and training and sharing of knowledge, we wish to increase our competencies as people and as Citizens of Europe and the world. Along with this mission, we want to support our local communities with various charity initiatives, by creating events, donating food, giving positive energy and hope to families in need, through food. Another mission is to teach culinary arts and offer cooking lessons.
  • Helping Families and Family Businesses
  • Organizing Charity Events
  • Preserving Local Culinary Heritage
  • Assisting Young Chefs
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  • This project was funded by Erasmus+ Co-Funded by OTICHEF and is a youth exchange looking at healthy lifestyles and working with youth workers to help young people understand the importance of this and also to train them to teach young people about cooking healthy and enhancing their skills to increase their chances of employment in the culinary fields. However, due to the fact that more young people need to be exposed to this, the partnership felt that it would be better to host it as a youth exchange and work with the youth to identify the real issues and after the project consider the option of a training course.

    The main objectives of this youth exchange are to help young people develop their skills in the culinary field in order to increase their employability and also to help them understand the importance of healthy lifestyles with food being one of the main factors addressed. The target group and the participants in this project are young people from poor families and from remote areas who do not have the same opportunities as others and as a result, will gain the most from this project.

    The main issues covered in this project is dealing with food on a budget, preparing food which is healthy and tasty and developing the skills of these young people to be able to find employment in the various culinary fields.

    Many young people have basic skills about cooking and we hope to help them develop these skills so that they can increase their chances of employment in these fields and at the same time promote healthy diets and lifestyles.

  • On Wednesday, 24 July 2013, OTICHEF hosted a Gala dinner which was sponsored by One Terrene International and supported by Amathus Hotel Pafos and Aris Uniforms.  The Gala dinner was an opportunity for our youth chefs to showcase their talent in Cypriot culinary culture with a modern twist.  The young chefs, headed by Chef Sergios, prepared a four-course meal for an elite group of people. 

    The meals were based on traditional Cypriot cuisine prepared with a modern twist.  Molecular gastronomy was used for the preparation of the foods simply to enhance the presentation, yet still allowing for the tastes to remain unchanged.
    Showing that young people can take advantage of modern techniques and methods and still maintain and preserver our heritage.  Showing that typical dishes can satisfy even the most sophisticated pallets and that the simplest of meals can be put on the menu of even the most extravagant of restaurants allowing every kind of person to enjoy our culture.
    Thank you for our youth for taking their time to make this possible and also to our sponsors and supporters.

  • The OTI CHEF team made a lovely lunch for the children with special needs from the Christou Steliou Ioannou Foundation at the Tavern "Vavatsinia" on the 8/10/2014.

  • In keeping with the spirit of preserving our cultural heritage, helping rural family businesses, on the 29th of April 2015, this Gala Dinner took us to the village of Vavatsinia. The venue, Taverna Vavatsina, a family-owned and run traditional Cypriot tavern, located in the heart of the village. The tavern is run by Takis and Thekla and also their daughter Panagiota, who is a qualified chef, keeping to the customs and traditions of Cyprus but adding a new fresh touch with her culinary skills.
    Our young team of chefs cooked five-course meals using only ingredients from Cyprus and most of them being from the mountain regions of Vavatsinia and the surrounding villages. Using ingredients like fresh Halloumi made the same day, mountain mushrooms, asparagus, lamb, fennel root, figs, carob and much more. Combining traditional food and modern molecular gastronomy we amazed and surprised our guests with these fancy yet traditional dished.
    We want to thank Takis, Thekla and Panagiota, the owners of Taverna Vavatsinia for hosting and sponsoring our events and our young chefs and also Makkas winery for sponsoring the wines of the evening. A special thank you to the young chefs of OTICHEF for their great effort and a wonderful meal, and lastly our honoured guests for enjoying the evening with us and their continued support.

  • The initiative for this campaign of OTI CHEF to help families in need of Nicosia, was carried out with the help of the staff of the hotel ATLANTICA MIRAMARE BEACH HOTEL in Limassol, where we were provided with space and materials for the preparation, by the chefs of OTI CHEF, kourabiedes and melomakarona. (Traditional Cypriot Christmas Sweet Delicacies)
    From the 16th of December 2014, OTI CHEF prepared for the needy families of Nicosia, packages with chocolate chip cookies and melomakarona. This Christmas offering of love took place on December 18, 2014 at the Red Cross building in Nicosia.