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Trust & Safety

OTI Community Support (OCS) ’s mission is to empower people, entities and groups to unite around ideas and goals that matter to them and together make those ideas come to life. Providing a safe, secure, and trusted platform is an essential part of achieving that mission. We want to provide our supporters with the information that they need in order to feel confident supporting innovative products, services, initiatives and ideas as they make their way all the way from concept to market and realisation. It’s a global collaboration built on transparency, trust, and a passion for those “a-ha!” moments.


We have safeguards in place

Your trust in One Terrene International and specifically in OTI Community Support (OCS) is important. We do our best to ensure you have a positive and safe experience with OTI Community Support (OCS). Our experienced Trust & Safety team is as passionate about innovation as our community is, and we’re dedicated to making sure that we do everything we can to prevent fraud on the platform so that we can keep you safe. This includes both automated and manual reviews of campaigns and working closely with payment leaders to ensure your funds are processed securely and efficiently. We also have round-the-clock monitoring to protect the information we collect online and prevent unauthorized access.


Our team also investigates real-time feedback and concerns from our community and partners. We hold our campaign owners accountable, from verifying the identity information they provide to making sure they communicate clearly with their supporters. OTI Community Support (OCS) does not tolerate abuse of our system and takes appropriate action when necessary to maintain the integrity of our platform.


Your role in bringing new ideas to life

OTI Community Support (OCS) would not be where it is today without our incredible community of supporter. You are changing the world every time you contribute to a campaign, and we want to make sure that you feel confident and excited to be a part of the journey for these amazing projects. These journeys require trust and transparency at every step, and like every meaningful journey, they can have both risks and rewards.


We’re committed to ensuring every backer has the information and tools needed to decide whether or not to support a campaign. Campaigners are equipped with the tools not only to create and ultimately deliver a successful project but also to keep their community of supporters in the loop, including when things don’t go as planned. It’s with this transparency and support that great projects come to life.


Transparency and communication

Providing a trusted platform is a two-way street. We expect everyone to comply with our Terms of Use and keep the lines of communication open and honest. Not doing so may jeopardize the confidence and trust of the community who is excited to see projects succeed.




Do the research


Learn more about the project and the people behind it. Review the story (look for the “Risks and Challenges” section), team profiles, updates, and comments to get a good sense of what you’re supporting and to feel confident in your decision. Find out what stage a product is in—from Concept to Realisation—to help assess risk for Tech & Innovation campaigns. Read our tips on how to evaluate a campaign.


Ask questions


Stay up-to-date with campaigns that you’ve supported by asking questions. You can contact the campaigner at any time through a direct message or comment on the campaign page. Comments are a great way to follow feedback and Q&As between the campaign owner and other supporters throughout the campaign’s progress.


Report concerns


If something looks wrong to you, tell us! We encourage our community to report suspicious activity and voice concerns via the Contact Us page or the “Report” link on every campaign. Our Trust & Safety team monitors feedback and takes action if needed to protect our community.




Paint the full picture


Give supporters peace of mind and confidence in supporting your project by including detailed information about your team, qualifications, and track record. Be open about the risks and challenges. The more information you provide upfront, the more potential supporters will understand that you’re trustworthy and committed to seeing your project through. Fill out your profile.


Engage supporters


Keep everyone informed of your progress or setbacks through commenting, direct communication and frequent updates. Substantive updates are required at least once per month by our Terms of Use. Engaging supporters will help establish trust, while a lack of communication may result in supporters losing faith, leaving bad feedback, requesting a refund, or even making a credit card chargeback.


Prepare for launch


Did you know that most successful campaigners spend months preparing for their campaign launch? Building a community and a strong email list for your idea are two key factors in your campaign’s success. Get tips and best practices for running a crowdfunding campaign in the OTI Help Desk Center.


We are here to support you

We are constantly listening to feedback and finding ways to improve our platform so that you feel confident in your decision to support campaigns on OTI Community Support (OCS). Though sometimes projects encounter obstacles and unforeseen circumstances that could prevent entrepreneurs from being able to fulfil, we have policies and tools in place to help them communicate to their supporters in an effective and productive way. Failure to provide monthly updates and maintain open communication may result in restrictions to individual OTI Community Support (OCS) accounts or suspension of campaigns.


With crowdfunding, there are always risks, so OTI Community Support (OCS) does not guarantee that contributions will be used as promised, that campaign owners will deliver perks, or that campaigns will achieve their goals. However, if our Terms of Use are violated, we will take action on behalf of our supporters to make things right.


Though we don’t review crowdfunding campaigns for feasibility, we do require a quality proposal for their campaigns. Our Trust & Safety team reviews each individual campaign in this category before giving permission to launch the campaign – so you can be better informed about where these ideas are in the product/service lifecycle when you’re deciding whether you’d like to support them. If we receive any questions or concerns regarding a particular project, our Trust & Safety experts review and address these concerns with the campaign owners directly.


With the collaboration of and, on OTI Community Support (OCS), you’ll find innovative products and services that are ready to purchase straight from the entrepreneurs, providers and freelancers who offer them. If you need to enlarge your team with experienced members you may also find employees and candidates either from or a freelancer from

We are constantly improving our platform and policies to create a better experience for supporters and campaigners. However, we can’t make any promises on behalf of the entrepreneurs on our platform, and we can’t guarantee that every incredible idea will come to life. To that end, OTI Community Support (OCS) does not resolve disputes, nor do we offer refunds once funds have been disbursed.


We are here to support you. You can access our Help Center or contact us at any time. Our dedicated Customer Happiness agents will reply to any support query within 24 hours.


You make this platform extraordinary with your uniqueness, nerve and talent.

Together we keep it safe and as always unified through knowledge and sharing.

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